Tyler D. Little

Vice President | BFA™

Tyler joined the team in 2011. As the third link in a generational business that spans nearly 40 years and three generations, the role of connecting generations striving to achieve financial independence and solve legacy issues is something he embraces. The motivation to continue the service that his grandfather and father built their firm on, essentially connecting the past, present and future, makes it easy for Tyler to relate to multigenerational clients whose goals are not just to build the financial plan, retirement and lifestyle, but also to know what becomes of that plan and their legacy.

As Tyler puts it, “We know that as our client's lives unfold their needs will evolve. Our role then is to make sure the plan we build stays fluid and dynamic just like their lives. We do that with our process, The SWAN FORMula ™” 

Tyler has been married to his middle school sweetheart, Ashton since 2012. They have one child, Taya, who keeps them busy with school and extracurricular activities. They currently reside in Roanoke, Texas and Tyler and Ashton are members of Mercy Culture Church in Fort Worth, Texas.